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Barack Obama: Our Teleprompter Bobble Head

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February 13th, 2009

Barack Teleprompter Bobble Head

Barack Teleprompter Bobble Head

Let me first start by saying that I really dig our president so far. In fact, of all the candidates, he’s the guy I would have cast as the lead in my huge blockbuster which I haven’t really thought of yet but will probably be something like: Barack Obama + Die Hard = saving all of mankind. I have fond memories pitching (at the urging of my agent) ‘Die Hard on a train,’ ‘Die Hard in a blimp,’ ‘Die Hard in a mall,’ et. al. God those were the days. I digress. What I want to rant about today is the dizzying back and forth bobbling Barack Obama’s head does between the two teleprompter screens. It’s like a ping pong ball between two paddles. Let’s break it down…

I’m not sure whether or not his speeches are kind of running together at this point since I’ve seen all of them thanks to my info/news addiction. As a junky, I do recognize my problem, so when I get sick of listening to speech after speech, same old rhetoric after same old rhetoric, I have have to take my annoyances with grains of salt (preferably on popcorn). But this criticism comes after realizing that not only might I be bugged, the general working American may eventually feel the same way since the media can’t go without televising every damn speech. So for God’s sake, before Obama’s superstardom is questioned, let me try to avert catastrophe…

I recommend to the President’s AV peeps to move his stereoscopic teleprompter mirror screens closer together. This would accomplish two things: 1) it’s less distracting when he’s going from side to side on every sentence, 2) we, as viewers at home, may actually feel like he’s speaking to us too, with an occasional glance straight ahead into the camera.

As a technical guy who understands camera placement, I realize that by moving the teleprompter screens closer together, the camera has to stay on the medium shot and can’t really pull back while he’s delivering the speech. But that’s what the networks’ cameras do any way, so really what would we lose? Answer: friggin’ nothing.








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