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Lowry and Demos: Two Masters Join Forces To Make Classic Movies Look AMAZING!

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August 18th, 2008

This may seem like a simple story, but believe me when I say that this is a collaboration made in heaven.

One Frame of Lowry Digital Images breathtaking restoration of “North by Northwest”.

As per Variety today:

Demos joins Lowry Digital Images
Exec named senior algorithm scientist

Gary Demos has joined Lowry Digital Images. Demos will be a senior algorithm scientist at Lowry, which is an industry leader in digital film restoration and image enhancement.

Demos received the Gordon E. Sawyer Oscar in 2006 and has received scientific & technical awards from the Academy in 1985, 1995 and 1996. Lowry was acquired in April by Indian-owned Reliance Big Entertainment.

(Click here for the original Variety Story Link.)

I’ve written about the amazing work of John Lowry and Lowry Digital Images for years (See this post about the James Bond remasters). John’s company remarkably enhances and restores image quality that has never been visible before. Using computer algorithms, John has been able to pull out image information that was previously invisible to the naked eye, and actually deliver new masters (and now negatives) of classic motion pictures that are SUPERIOR to the original NEGATIVE of the movie. AMAZING.

A number of years ago I produced a documentary entitled “Crossing the Frontier: Making ‘The Last Starfighter’”on the groundbreaking work of Gary Demos and his then company “Digital Productions” as they pioneered the use of computers to replace models in visual effects. The innovations at the time ignited the computer generated imagery (CGI) effects work of today. I’m exceptionally proud of that documentary, and I’ve always been inspired by his pioneering spirit.

Gary invited me to his office years ago, and shortly before the hidef standard was declared, he had brilliant proposals that were fresh and revolutionary. He was also working on remarkable compression technology that actually improved image quality by dropping dirt and noise information from a source instead of image quality. So in essence, his compression would actually reduce the size of the source material while IMPROVING THE QUALITY! I left his office amazed by the possibilities, and remarkably impressed by his passion and talent.

When I heard today that these to pioneers had teamed up, I needed to blog to truly report that this is a special day… a day that I believe is going to change the way we enjoy movies forever. There’s a long list of films that Lowry Digital Images has already processed, and Gary’s innovations have already been influential to the industry as a whole.

(Lowry Digital Images has processed, the Star Wars Original Trilogy, The Indiana Jones Trilogy, All of the James Bond films prior to Casino Royale, North by Northwest, and so many more…)

I’ll be updating and adding to this post over the next few days, so come back and learn more about this amazing union!

This announcement has made my year!

Coming soon…. a blog speculating about why ONLY ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’ is the only Indiana Jones film coming to BluRay, and what Lowry Digital Images has to do with this.








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