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Celebrate 45 Years of Designing the Future,
and see “Star Trek: The Motion Picture-The Director’s Edition”
on the Big Screen Sept. 27th In L.A.

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September 1st, 2009


LOS ANGELES, September 1 — The Art Directors Guild (ADG) Film Society and American Cinematheque (AC) will honor the talented designers who helped to create the futuristic world of Star Trek with Star Trek: 45 Years of Designing the Future, featuring four Production Designers whose work helped bring the science fiction classic to life. John Jefferies, Joseph R. Jennings, Herman Zimmerman and Scott Chambliss will participate in a panel discussion to be moderated by Production Illustrator Daren R. Dochterman, featuring video clips from their work on Star Trek, as well as a screening of the Director’s Edition of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Documentary video clips of the late Harold Michelson, Production Designer of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, will also be shown. The event will take place on Sunday, September 27, at 5:00 pm at the Egyptian Theatre (6712 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood).

Writer Gene Roddenberry first conceived Star Trek in 1964. One of the first members of his team was Production Designer Walter M. “Matt” Jefferies, to whom Roddenberry entrusted the crucial job of designing the iconic Starship Enterprise and the ship’s main control room, known as the “bridge.” Since then, Jefferies and his colleagues (including panelist John Jefferies) have played an integral role in the success of Star Trek’s futuristic adventures. Not only have they brought the show’s amazing starships to life, but the Production Designers have also been responsible for creating all of the imaginative alien worlds seen on screen. This event celebrates the vital role of the Production Designer with these four distinguished panelists, each representing a different version of the Star Trek saga.

The event will begin with a series of video clips from the first two seasons of Star Trek: The Original Series, which Production Designer Walter M. Jefferies worked on from 1966-1969. Scenes from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, designed by panelist Joseph R. Jennings, will be shown next. Jennings also worked as an Art Director on Star Trek: The Motion Picture, for which he was nominated for an Academy Award® in 1980. He has also been nominated for two Emmys®, for his work on the mini-series Roots (1977) and the television movie Shogun (1989).

Following will be clips from the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Enterprise, all designed by panelist Herman Zimmerman. Zimmerman was nominated for an Emmy® three years in a row (1997-1999) for his work on Deep Space Nine and also won an Art Directors Guild award for his work on this series. Zimmerman’s work includes six Star Trek feature films, spanning from Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989) through Star Trek: Nemesis (2002).
A trailer from the current 2009 release of Star Trek will also be shown. Panelist Scott Chambliss was the Production Designer on this film. Chambliss is known for his work as Production Designer on the television series Alias (2001-2006), for which he won an Emmy® in 2002 and an Art Directors Guild award in 2003.

Just prior to the screening of the Director?s Edition of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, documentary video clips of the late Harold Michelson, discussing his work as Production Designer on this film, will be shown. This is one of the last projects that legendary Director Robert Wise worked on before his passing in 2005. Moderator Daren R. Dochterman was the Visual Effects Supervisor on the Director?s Edition of this film.

Representing the ADG are President Thomas A. Walsh, and Production Designer John Muto. Working with them are the American Cinematheque?s Gwen Deglise and Chris D. The series is in part sponsored by trade publication Below The Line. General admission: $10. American Cinematheque members: $7. Students/Seniors with valid ID: $8. 24-hour ticket information is available at 323-466-FILM (3456).








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