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The Man Who Will Change The World — Water Powered Combustion!

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April 12th, 2008

Inventor Denny Klein described his invention of Hydrogen Technology as a ‘unique electrolysis process.’ Though this is pretty exciting stuff, it raises several questions:

1. Is the by-product truly just Oxygen, Hydrogen, or a weird combination of both?
2. Will there be a more deadly bi-product like Chloride or Fluoride floating in the air if we use water from our tap?
2. With the right filtration system, can we use anything that has water in it….. urine, 7-UP, beer? (Oh, wait a minute, we take back that last one).

Klein has been around for a few years, but the timing couldn’t be better for him to find himself an eternity of fame, let alone his 15 minutes. Here’s a link to his patent info on the invention and a couple older articles. Go Denny, go!

UPDATED EDITORIAL: There was a period of time when bottled water cost more than gas. Today the average liter of water at a 7-11 costs $1. So a gallon of ‘clean’ water costs $3.79 a gallon… the same price as a gallon of gas in Los Angeles today. Of course at 100 miles on 4 oz. of water, this new system is far more efficient, and if the byproduct is clean oxygen, is it not poetic that this new energy source might actually improve the air over the smog-machines we currently drive? I’d much rather fill up a ten gallon tank with water than with gas any day.

Also, if the 4 oz. per 100 miles figure is correct, than this car would get 3200 miles to one gallon. (Why fill up with more than on gallon?)

Fictional thought: All I can imagine now is how excited the powers would be if they found a nearby planet that had oceans of oil… Some way to get there and harvest that oil could be created…. well… what if another nearby race looked at the Earth’s water supply the same way.??? Or did this already happen in the miniseries ‘V’?








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