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Yoko and AT&T’s Major Announcement! (finally!)

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September 9th, 2009

This is my update to my prediction post for today, and an opportunity to tell everyone that AT&T has finally made a step towards more reasonable plans and pricing.

First and foremost, I’ll stand by my blog that The Beatles are today. Yoko Ono announced that The Beatles will be available on iTunes today, while everyone else is claiming it’s not happening. Well, I might believe everyone else if the most obvious confirmation hadn’t occurred… The Yoko story was pulled from the net as quickly as possible. Simply put, they never remove a story that leaks inaccurate information. If Yoko were simply wrong, no one would care about what she said. Yoko is right, and once again Steve/Apple won’t appreciate his/their thunder stolen…

…frankly, I still see it as amazingly obvious to begin with (and I’ll have to find a nice hat to eat if I’m wrong).

Now, for big news, AT&T just announced their ‘A-List’. FINALLY, AT&T customers can have their ‘friends and family’ unlimited calling circles with any plan $59.95 or above. That means that you can unlimitedly call ANY five numbers, even those that aren’t with AT&T. That pretty much makes the biggest difference to many people when it comes to what has been holding them back from getting an iPhone. AT&T wasn’t offering enough minutes for the price. NOW with ‘The A-List” there will finally be enough for most people.

Here’s a link to the press release.

I’ll be back after the announcement to post reflections on the news, and my top changes that Apple could/should make to the iPhone/iPod Touch.

Enjoy the show!








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